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Welcome to The Writer's Edge Press® and The Center for Professional Staff Development™ online store for teachers.

Every book, all software, and each professional seminar or webinar for practicing K–12 educators have been field tested and include the best and latest in research-based materials for classroom preparation and/or use.  We have priced books, webinars, seminars and on-site Professional Development   FOR YOU with the awareness of the current state of our economy. By purchasing books and software in multiple copies (SAVE 20% ON PREPUBLICATION PRICES up to 150 copies) and registering early for our seminars, webinars, or select  Fantastic Fridays onsite professional development sessions and SAVE 75% Discounts , YOU and your colleagues can save additional money on professional and classroom purchases by using our online store. In addition to the already built-in savings, YOU can earn points for prizes and gifts.

Please note that we can provide you with the best professional staff development delivered onsite to fit any budget, while saving you money on all of our products and those we locate for you. Contact Dr.Queen directly at 704-779-5795 for the 75% discounts, which includes travel, workshop books and travel expenses. Average Cost for TWO 3 HOUR Sessions on the topic you need for a total of $ 2,500.00 for a Limited Time Only  EACH  FRIDAY from October 18, 2013 to February 28, 2014.  First Call-First Served.

We have expanded our block programs to include books, seminars, and webinars for in the Block Specialty and Related Areas. These include books and programs titled, Improving Time and Student Achievement in AP Courses by Using the Block Schedule, Increasing Teaching Time and Student Achievement in IB Courses Using the Block Schedule,  Surviving and Thriving Your First Three Years of Teaching and the NEW TRANSITION BOOKS, Building Effective Programs for Successful Student Transitions from Elementary to Middle School, Building Effective Programs for Successful Student Transitions from Middle School to Senior High School, and The Three Faces of Student Disengagement: A Toolbox for Changing Student Behavior, ALL AVAILABLE on FEBRUARY 15, 2014. In Addition, our new books, seminars, webinars, and onsite professional staff development programs found in forthcoming books available  are hot off the press April 1, 2014. Additional information can be found on this website and the connected link to Time and Stress Masters. These books, webinars, and seminars will improve your stress levels and overall health, AND perhaps YOUR WEALTH, included are The Frazzled Teacher 2nd Edition, An Administrators Guide to Childhood Obesity (available now), The Time and Stress Masters Handbook, How to Add an Hour or Two Each Day: The Total Guide, 365 Ways to Make $ 100 Each Day, Legally and Without Selling Items or Distributorships to Family and Friends and Teaching Every Student, Every Day with Love, Purpose and Joy: For Grades Kindergarten-Graduate School.

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